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Watch A Woman’s Way (Strella) free Online Greek movie trailer Hollywood A Woman’s Way (Strella) film Rreview, Crew&Cast

| | Wednesday, December 16, 2009


A Woman’s Way (Strella) Greek Movie

Genres: Drama, Gay/Lesbian

Cast: Panos Koutras, Yannis Kokiasmenos, Mina Orfanou, Minos Theoharis, Betty Vakalidou, Yiannis Kokkiasmenos
Release date:18 November 2009
Director:Panos H. Koutras
Writers:Panajotis Evangelidis (writer)Panos H. Koutras (writer)

A Woman’s Way (Strella) Greek Movie Reviews

When an ex-con meets a young transvestite hooker, they soon discover they share more than a talent for rewiring lamps. After 15 years in the pen, the trim and muscled Yiorgos settles in Athens to look for his estranged son and winds up in bed with Strella (whose getup looks like a cross between Maria Callas and Cher). The good-hearted Strella sings in a low-rent cabaret, cares for a cancer-ridden queen, and generally looks out for waifs and strays. The plot involves a surprising twist that may shock some. Riffing on Greek mythology, writer-director Panos Koutras improbably defies the taboos of the ancients (and the “curse of every tranny”) to create a happy alternative family. Along the way, this independently made production combines dingy realism, the divine Maria Callas, plenty of nudity, gay sex, and campy dialogue.

When an ex-con meets a pre-op transsexual hooker, they discover they have more in common than they think. Riffing on Greek mythology, helmer Panos Koutras’ “A Woman’s Way” improbably defies the taboos of the ancients to end up portraying a happy alternative family. Not nearly as audacious as it might have been, indie production combines dingy realism, the divine Maria Callas and plenty of nudity, gay sex and campy dialogue. Like helmer’s debut, “The Attack of the Giant Mousaka,” pic should appear on menu at gay fests.


After 15 years in the pen, Yiorgos (trim, muscled Yiannis Kokiasmenos) settles in Athens to look for his estranged son and winds up happily in bed with Strella (Mina Orfanou, looking like a low-rent cross between Callas and Cher). When a twist (that can be foreseen early on) becomes obvious at the hour mark, pic runs out of steam, cuing a leisurely detour through melodramatic angst before ending cute. Thesps seem to be having fun, particularly Orfanou (channeling Melina Mercouri and Anna Magnani) and Minos Theoharis, as Strella’s winsome pal Alex. Low-budget tech package suits subject.

Camera (color, 35mm), Olympia Mitilinaiou; editor, Yiannis Chalkiadakis; music, Mikael Delta; production designer, Penelope Valti, costume designer, Vassilis Barbarigos; hair styling, Chronis Tzimos, Sotiris Paterakis; makeup, Appolonia B., Mary Stavrakaki; sound (Dolby SR-D), Panos Tzelekis. Reviewed at Berlin Film Festival (Panorama), Feb. 10, 2009. Original title: Strella. Running time: 113 MIN.

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A man struggling to start his life over finds love under unexpected circumstances in this stylized drama from Greek director Panos Koutras. After serving fourteen years in prison, Yiorgos (Yiannis Kokiasmenos) is released and makes his to Athens, where he hopes to find the son he hasn’t heard from in years. Checking into a cheap hotel, Yiorgos meets a woman named Strella (Mina Orfanou), who makes her living as a prostitute. Yiorgos and Strella end up spending the night together, and when he wakes up Yiorgos is confident he’s found the woman of his dreams — and isn’t at all troubled by the fact Strella is a transsexual. With Strella by his side, Yiorgos feels confident he can mend his broken relationship with his son and make a fresh start, but it isn’t long before he’s confronted with a burden from his past he may not be able to shake. Strella (aka A Woman’s Way) was an official selection at the 2009


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